DIY Signature Kit


First designed for Nadia Bartel, Lana Wilkinson & Dasha Gold My signature 'Geometric Sculpture'' is now available for you to make at home!. I’ve taken the hassle out of DIY headwear for you!

My first ever DIY pack is now available. More designs revealed soon!! 

KIT 1 will consist of all the following items to complete your piece :

1 x Acrylic Sculpture { Pre Moulded & Ready to make }. 

1 x Headband

1 x piece of Millinery wrap for headband Layer 1

1 x piece of Millinery wrap for headband layer 2

Cotton thread for attachment 

Elastic pieces for extra secure Headband 

Name Label so you know you’re always wearing an original Danica Erard Millinery Design.